To allow you to appreciate the care and originality in each of our products, we show below the main stages of the production process.


All starts from the clock case study and design. Gallo can boast of an experience of over than 50 years in clockmaking.
The models are the result of a careful search of the raw material particular selection, of a scrupulous use of wood as well as a distinctive interest in the choice of metal accessories and unique mechanical movement.


Particular attention is paid to the choice of woods and wood inlays. From tulipwood to linden, from oak to maoghany. Inlays in multi-colored woods like maple, rosewood, but also erable mother of pearl. They are executed by ancient techniques by a particular precise method, always careful to originality and care.


The processing stages are carried out with modern and updated machines.
The used materials are strictly controlled and selected.
After completion of carpentry work, the furniture is well sanded ready for painting process.


Our range includes a variety of finishes and consequently a variety of materials and techniques used to obtain them.
Classical shades made of walnut water spray to which the ageing is added by antique walnut patine passage to give to the wood the signs and suggestions of the past.
A coating of a clear varnish adds a rare and precious luminosity.


The Pastello Veneziano finishing it’s reserved for furniture which is decorated by hands.
Our artist use the age-old method to apply the design.
It is effected by dusting through perforated patterns. When the outline has been traced, the decorator brings the design to the life with colours, shading and brush-strokes.
So the decoration become like awork of art, never the same, never repeated.


Now the case is completed and the dressing of it can start.
Gallo produced his own mechanical movement till 1980 year.
After this production dismission the mechanical movements are all Made in Germany (Kieninger or Hermle brands).
They can have several options; more melodies choise, automatic night shut off, second system.


The clock, based on our experience, our care, our technical and our design thus becomes a precious piece ready to dress your room.
Your clock will rhythm the time of your life and will be a unique art furniture too.


While pendulum, dial and weights are produced by Gallo.
Brass and aluminium materials are well painted, brushed and worked by our moulds.
Everything is grossed with care in order to ensure the quality and the functionality over time to all our products.