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Dedicating his life to the study and manufacture of tools to measure it and know it, has always been a passion for Mr Enrico Marcello Galluzzi that early age shows an innate love for clocks.After graduating in industrial chemistry in Italy following a course of engineering in England, he started the teaching of technical subjects as professor for some years in public schools.Afterthis short experience, he leaves teaching and captures the general representative for Italy for the distribution of large movements of clockwork mechanical and electrical products manufactured in French and German.The production of finished big clocks furniture is industrialized in Italy around the year 60/70 thanks to the original initiative of artisan overall popular in Marche and Lombardy (two italian regions)Given the total absence of Italian manufacturers of clock movements, Mr. Marcello designed and began producing mechanical movement developed on Italian technology, solving most of the problems of importation and material availability.

Gallo bornsalready on 1975 marketing the first spring driven movement for wall clocks followed in 1978 by a weight driven mechanical movement for floor clocks. On the original French patent of the stepping motor in 1979, Gallo builts his first quartz movement followed by a day/date movement.Gallo is now a modern family company led by a team which exports its products in major markets around the world.Its production covers all the instruments of time measurement, the floor clocks, wall clocks, alarm clocks as well as mechanical movements equipped by weights, pendulums, dials, also quartz movement, hands, and mounting accessories.Today, Gallo is a group which does not produce only clocks but through partner companies is developing his market in furniture and plastic&engineeringfields also to assure product variety and synergies necessary to face the battles of the twenty-first century.